Logolatry Archive

  • allicient that which attracts

  • agroof face-downward

  • auriga a bandage for the sides of the body

  • bangy a shoulder yoke used for carrying hanging baskets

  • canoodle to snuggle and kiss

  • carkled slightly stiff

  • conycatch to trick or cheat

  • corf a large basket used to haul coal inside mines

  • crang the carcass of a dead whale after the blubber has been removed

  • crepundian one who talks on and on, saying little

  • crozzle to burn to a cinder

  • cryptonym a private or secret name

  • curricle a light horse-draw carriage

  • daggletail a filthy person

  • dandiprat an urchin; a young unimportant person

  • deasil and widdershins clockwise and counterclockwise

  • donnicker a toilet

  • draffish worthless

  • dringle to waste time

  • ecphoneme the mark used at the end of an exclamation

  • epact the age of the calendar moon on January 1

  • eroteme the mark used at the end of a question; a question mark

  • etui a small, ornamental case that contained tiny implements, such as snuff spoons

  • geck to mock or deride

  • gizzen to become leaky due to lack of moisture, as a barral

  • grumous lumpy

  • figgum a juggler's trick

  • firkin a small wooden bucket or container

  • flummery a dessert made from fruit

  • forswonk overworked

  • fuffy light and puffy

  • funambulate to walk on a rope

  • gongoozler an idle person who gapes or stares for a long time

  • hackly fracture a type of crack in a mineral formation

  • handsel a New Year's gift

  • henk ink

  • horny-hootlet a long-eared owl

  • howgy gigantic; huge

  • hugsome someone you want to cuddle

  • interferometer a tool that measures by means of the interference of waves (sound, radio,light)

  • jemmy a baked sheep's head

  • joyfness youth

  • kelk to beat sundly

  • kerfuffle a fuss or disturbance

  • kicksy-wicksy restless

  • leporine rabbitlike or harelike

  • loof the palm of the hand

  • losel a wasteful person

  • lunation the time between successive new moons

  • lusk lazy

  • majuscular a large letter, such as a capital letter

  • mascled covered with lozenge-shaped scales

  • mumsimus a prejudice

  • nidor a strong unpleasant smell

  • orts tiny bits left over after a meal

  • pachypad having heavy or thick feet

  • perpession suffering, endurance

  • phthisis chronic wasting away; tuberculosis

  • pingo an Arctic bump; soil-covered ice in ground over permafrost

  • pipkin small pan for warming brandy

  • plectrum a pick used on a stringed instrument

  • purfle (verb; noun), to decorate the edge or border; a decoration at the border

  • pyx small box for carrying the sacrament to ill people

  • quoz an absurd person

  • reposurea state of rest

  • rutabaga a turnip-like vegetable

  • scranch to chew loudly

  • seely lucky

  • shabto play mean tricks

  • shail to walk sideways

  • skegger a little salmon

  • skringe to press violently

  • smatchet "A small and contemptible person...an evil runt, a malefic twerp, or a nasty brat." (Dimboxes)

  • smellfeast one who can always find a good table to eat at

  • snickersnee a large knife

  • snollygoster an unethical politician or lawyer

  • snudge a miser or a sneak

  • sparklet a very very small spark

  • stirious looking like icicles

  • tentigo insane lasciviousness

  • tiqueur a person with a tic

  • treen small wooden objects, usually antiques

  • ucalegon a neighbor whose house is on fire.

  • ullage how much it would take to make a barrelfull

  • ventosity flatulence

  • wamble nausea

  • wareless not cautious

  • werm to corrupt

  • whinock the small pig of a litter

  • wowser a puritannical person

  • zoutch to stew, especially flouders or eels


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